Fairtrade in schools and Fairtrade Schools

Three countries in Africa need your help the most
This section includes online sources of information and materials, ideas for activities, and a short description of what it is to be a Fairtrade School. For more information or a local speaker, click on Contact us.

Three countries in Africa need your help the most
Fairtrade (the certification scheme), fair trade and justice in trading, are all relevant to schools. There is a great deal of information available online (see below) for both teachers and students.

Three countries in Africa need your help the most
There are also Fairtrade Schools (a similar idea to Fairtrade Boroughs) and we are fortunate in Kingston to have London's first Fairtrade School, Tiffin Girls.

Three countries in Africa need your help the most
’Go Bananas’ workshops in primary schools

These workshops have been very popular in many local schools. They are for level 5 pupils. If you would like one in your school please contact us via menu on left.

Three countries in Africa need your help the most
One of the many colourful posters children have produced

Sources of information

The schools section of the Fairtrade Foundation website is the most useful starting point. Most of what is here is taken from that site. There is also an introductory PowerPoint presentation to download.
The following are also recommended:

As well as selling a wide range of Fairtrade products (, Traidcraft also run a fun campaign encouraging and equipping young people to make a difference through Fairtrade (visit for more information). In addition to this, Traidcraft can also provide speakers (

Young Co-operatives
Young Co-operatives is an initiative to help young people to establish and run their own co-operative businesses selling Fairtrade products. It offers an accredited Certificate in Cooperative and Fairtrade Enterprise. Their membership team is also willing help schools through the process of becoming a Fairtrade School. Visit

The Co-operative Group
The Co-op has launched its Fairtrade Friendly Primary School pack, complete with CD, and a secondary school pack is in the pipeline.

Dubble and Comic Relief
Dubble Fairtrade Chocolate and Comic Relief have teamed up to produce the fantastic 'Pa Pa Paa' teaching resource, complete with everything you need to teach about Fairtrade and cocoa! You can download free lesson plans and activities at A 'Pa Pa Paa' photo and DVD pack is also available to order; see website for details. Young people can also sign up to be Dubble Agents, and join thousands of others on a mission to change the world, chunk by chunk! Sign up at to receive a free choc-secret mission pack, 'Choc-Alert' email updates and access to missions and competitions. The Dubble website is also packed with Fairtrade information and activities.

People & Planet
People & Planet is a dynamic student campaigning network. They support sixth formers ( in taking action on Fairtrade, Trade Justice and other global issues. They set up groups in schools and colleges and support them with campaign packs, workshops, events and advice.

Development Education Centres
Development Education Centres are independent resource libraries and information centres that support local communities, including schools. To find your local DEC contact the Development Education Association or

Reading International Solidarity Centre
RISC is a DEC that stocks and produces a wide range of excellent resources on Fairtrade, including the activity-packed 'Bananas & (Cocoa) Beans' downloadable from their website at

Oxfam GB has a wide range of resources for young people at and specific resources on Fairtrade at and Resources for teachers can be found at

The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development has downloadable resources for primary and secondary schools at and including a Key Stage 4 Fairtrade scheme of work at Visit CAFOD Kidz Zone for fun Fairtrade games for primary school children. CAFOD's regional schools teams are willing to speak about Fairtrade and accompany schools through the Fairtrade Schools process.

Christian Aid
Christian Aid's Global Gang website contains material for young people at and for teachers at

ActionAid ( and many other agencies produce campaigning and educational resources on Fairtrade and wider development issues.

Global Gateway
At schools can find information on the international dimension in education, including international programmes for schools, funding opportunities, special partnership projects, online international school networks, and linking. It lists useful contacts for schools seeking to develop their international work nationally and by region.

Global dimension This website is a guide to books, films, posters and web resources which support global, intercultural and environmental understanding for all age groups and subjects. From climate change to poverty, water to fair trade, you can find a large range of teaching resources and background material.

For more information or a local speaker, click on Contact us.
In Fairtrade Fortnight it is sometimes possible to arrange a visit from a Fairtrade producer. Previous visitors include Ghanaian cocoa growers, the manager of a Bolivian brazil nut co-operative, and a Caribbean banana grower.